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Jessica AlmanzaComment

I have exactly 5 weeks until Sebastian's birthday! Things I can cross off are...

1. Birthday outfit- I went ahead and kept it simple. I am still contemplating if Sebasian should wear a costume.

2. OMG the food! Nicholas came up with the idea of hot dogs and beer, BUT not just any hot dogs, Good Dog Houston! Oh, I love their food, and the food truck is adorable! Eeekk! I'll be taking so many photos that day. 

3. Invitations- I should be sending them out later this week. 

4. Small gifts- Etsy is great, I bought Star Wars themed tattoos and coasters. 

5. Music- Still trying to come up with a nice playlist, but we have a sweet TIE Fighter speaker!

6. Movie Posters- Not shown above but in an old post here

Things I still need to get rentals, the cake, a pinata and a photo backdrop!

Wish me luck! 

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