You did it, son! You made it through your first year, guided only by poise and grit. Also snacks. And a whole lot of breast milk. Some formula. OK, a ton of formula. Maybe a pacifier. And the diapers. Holy crap, the diapers! There were a few. And the wardrobe changes. The drool. The dozens and dozens of toys you ignored for crinkly cardboard packaging. And the books. Also Lady and Chile. But you made it! You made it all by yourself. Well…not quite by yourself. Yeah, you had a lot of help. Your mom for one. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be here without her. At 11:19 p.m. the night before you were born, your mom was enduring her fourteenth hour of labor. Tired and hurting, she looked at your dad and said, “I can do this.” It’s worth noting how wonderful and incredibly strong your mother is.

And then there’s dad. He played a key role, too…I think pancakes, ice and foot rubs for mom were involved mostly. He also plans to teach you about coffee (he had 14 cups the night before you were born) and the Georgetown Hoyas (they were 13-11 on the season, 6-5 in conference play and lost to Seton Hall the night before you were born – I know, awful). Oh, and grandparents! You have grandparents who have loved you and hugged you and kissed you and then gave you right back to mom and dad when you got fussy. Let's not forget all the friends and family who welcomed you with open arms to this topsy-turvy world. You’ve brightened so many lives. We’re so happy you’re here.

And now you’re one. The BIG 1! You have yet to grasp the concept of wishes, so mom and dad are going to make yours this year. Hope you don’t mind. Dad’s wish is that your first word will be spoken soon, and that it will be “Mama”… or “Hoya,” they’re kind of similar, so go nuts. Mom’s wish is you continue to smile and be happy, you let us hold you as long as you can and please, for the love of all that is good, PLEASE start sleeping through the night. Your mom and dad want to thank all the friends and family who have loved you and made your first year great. Also, a special thanks to Aaron Rodriguez for putting together another terrific video. Happy birthday y feliz cumpleaños, Sebastian Maximo Almanza!