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We awoke Friday (Day 3) hungry but unsure of our cravings. What better place than Grand Central Market to satisfy undetermined hunger? Wexler's Deli delivered the answer with freshly made bagels, lox and cream cheese mixed with capers. They even threw in some delicious potato salad for good measure. Our bellies full, we sauntered to the Downtown Arts District for a look at Jason Rhoades' mesmerizing installations at the Hauser & Wirth gallery. The neon-decorated, mercado flotsam masterpieces truly were a sight! Some light shopping at Poketo and Alchemy Works provided comfy shoes, a wood camera for Sebastian and other treasures. Lunch at Wurstkuche provided my favorite meal of the trip: a delicious bratwurst (Jessie had vegetarian chipotle sausage) with Belgian fries, chipotle aioli dipping sauce and Weihenstephan Dunkel on draft. After lunch, it was time to tour the Broad. I loved the Basquiat room and the Cy Twomblys. Jessie adored Jeff Koons' sculptures and Glen Ligon's "Double America." Dinner was delicious seafood at L & E Oyster Bar. We were both exhausted! 

Day Three

Dress is from ASOS, you can find it  here . 

Dress is from ASOS, you can find it here

Dress is from RaJu Official, you can find it  here .  You can also follow the women behind the clothing line  here  and  here .

Dress is from RaJu Official, you can find it here.  You can also follow the women behind the clothing line here and here.

Day 4: OMG! Harry Potter Day! Okay, first, to ease into the excitement of visiting Hogwarts, we started at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. Coffee, donuts and lime seltzer were divine. It was then off to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Truly magical because Jessie and I were transformed to children upon entering. We acquired wands, drank butter beer and made things float with a swish and flick of Wingardium Leviosa! A quick stop in Springfield for Krusty Burgers, Ribwich and a tall, frosty Duff, which is pretty good beer. We took our kid-selves to EightyTwo, a cabinet arcade and pinball bar filled with young adults way too young to remember cabinet arcade games. We headed west for a look at Urban Light at the LACMA. Dinner was delicious take out from Jon and Vinny's: linguini with clam and a lovely pepperoni pizza. Unfortunately, our hotel was blocked off by LAPD and LAFD upon our return, so we had an ice cream nightcap at McConnell's before turning in. A true LA experience! 

Day Four

A bittersweet day, Day 5 was. We said goodbye to LA, Hollywood and the rest by brunching at Little Dom's with Andi, Hamish, Griffy and Cleo. Food was delicious -- Jessie is having me recreate the ricotta blueberry pancakes for Mother's Day. AND we had a celebrity sighting: Michelle Monaghan and Malin Akerman sat two booths from us having brunch. It was a great way to end such a wonderful vacation. Till next time, LA! 

Day Five

Dress is from Target from two years ago. See ya later LA. 

Dress is from Target from two years ago. See ya later LA.