As many of you know we are expecting our second child this October. I am trilled and incredibly excited to meet Gigi. That being said, I also feel scared, frustrated and weepy! There were tears writing this post. I don't want this to come across as negative or ungrateful. I know there are many couples who struggle to get pregnant and can't. All I want to do is write an honest post about my experience with pregnancy; it's not always what you see on social media. It's difficult, yet beautiful all at the same time. 


1.  I am ALWAYS tired; no amount of sleep helps! I've been sleeping pretty well with this pregnancy but always wake up feeling exhausted. My husband does so much around the house: he cooks our meals and does most of the errands. All I'm really in charge of at the moment is keeping myself healthy and running after Sebastian. Having a toddler and being pregnant in the Summer has been challenging.   

2. Skin issues! My skin at the moment is so dry, especially around my chin. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am always applying various lotions and oils. I made it into a nightly routine, and if I ever skip a day I immediately regret it. My belly is starting to feel very itchy, I did get stretch marks from my last pregnancy, so I made it a point to always keep my skin hydrated.

3. Hormones. I am laughing one moment and crying the next. Apart from crying, I occasionally feel an overwhelming sense of fear. I feel surges of anxiety when I go to the doctor. Like every mother you want your child to be healthy, and reassuring myself that everything will be OK with the baby is making me a nervous wreck. All of Gigi's tests and screens have come back normal, but that fear is always present. Do any other moms out there feel this way? As we get closer to our due date, I've also been feeling guilty. Did I give Sebastian enough one-on-one time before the next baby. (crying as I type this) Will he be OK, will he feel any jealousy? Baby Bash, your Dad and I love you very much! 

4. Weight gain, UGH! I want to throw the scale into the GARBAGE. I HATE being weighed once a month at my appointments. I just keep getting bigger and bigger...sigh.

5. Nature is calling! I always have to pee, I wake up at least twice a night and go multiple times during the day. I seriously am running to the bathroom, so please get out my way! 

6. Gigi moves around so much more than I remember Sebastian ever moving. It feels like she's having a party inside of my belly. I love it, but baby girl you're strong. 

7. I can't wait to meet our baby girl! Once Gigi is here, maybe even a little before, I might cut back on blogging. Perhaps only posting three days out of the week. I really enjoy blogging very much but it does require a lot of planning and work. I have a real fear I won't know how to manage my time properly, but I'm sure I will manage it somehow. 

8. IT IS HOT! Summer pregnancy is hard. The minute I step outside I immediately want to come back in. 

9. Body aches, everything hurts! My head, my feet and especially my back. Sciatica pain is the absolute worst, I basically roll out of bed. So thankful to have a very patient husband.

10. Pregnancy is still beautiful, I am thankful to be able to grow a little human, it's emporwering. 

I had to do a little venting. I love being pregnant, but it is incredibly uncomfortable and can be an emotional roller coaster. October can't get here soon enough! 

My name is Jessica Almanza, I am a lifestyle photographer. I love documenting motherhood, travel, good food, and life's simple joys.