My feet ache as I write this post. My eyelids are heavy and there's a tight knot in my lower back. My work clothes are covered in bean and graham cracker stains. There's a huge glob of hazelnut spread stuck in the cap of my favorite pen. These are my new friends: the aches, the stains and the fatigue. They hang out with me all the time. I miss them when they're gone, because they remind me of what it's like to hang out with Sebastian. He runs so fast and plays with fierce gusto. He pays little attention to rules, even ones like gravity. He just wants to enjoy everything, as if he's living off the energy his playtime generates. And when he's done, he sleeps. He often sleeps well, but every now and then he wakes early because he wants to play some more. I wish I recalled what it feels like to play like he does, the pure joy of being a toddler. But instead I enjoy not having clean clothes and the calluses on my toes. The video above provides a small glimpse into his world. He also received a special present from his Aunt Carrie -- a PlanToys wood tea set, complete with cups, saucers, spoons and a tea pot. We can't wait for him to serve tea to his little sister! 

Play on, son! Never stop. 

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