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Happy Monday! As we approach the end of Summer it's time to update my fall wardrobe. This Black Printed 3/4 Sleeve Maternity Dress by PinkBlush is a great way to start. I'll be able to pair it with boots and possibly a hat once Houston begins to cool down. What are some of your favorite fall pieces?

We recently took a visit to Discovery Green. I absolutely love exploring Houston. Having little adventures with my family is what I strive to do at least a few times out of the month. When I heard Discovery Green was featuring a new art instillation called Color Condition, I immediately told my family about it. Sebastian loved running up and down the field and tried to touch every colorful streamer. He explored a playground and found some people dancing on a pavilion. He loves to dance and play, and he's becoming more and more social with each outing. But, as toddlers tend to do, he is prone to a tantrum here and there. Especially when he doesn't get what he wants. The video below gives another small glimpse to his world. Enjoy!  


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Sebastian 18 moths. 

Sebastian 18 moths. 

32 weeks pregnant.

32 weeks pregnant.

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