It's my 30th birthday today! I'll be spending the day with my husband, and I can't wait to celebrate with the rest of my family and friends this weekend. :) I am blessed and thankful to have people in my life who care, love and support me. Nicholas and I have been working nonstop preparing for this weekend. My grandparents are in town, and his folks are coming in from El Paso. I can't wait to see everyone! 

Here is a little DIY project I did this past Sunday.

A list of the following items you'll be needing.

  • Wine Corks
  • A knife
  • Metallic spray paint
  • Paper

First, boil corks for 10 mins. Boiling will help soften them to prevent any crumbling.

DIY_PlaceCards (6 of 12).jpg

Cut off the bottoms to achieve a flat base.

DIY_PlaceCards (7 of 12).jpg

Next, cut a slight straight line across the cork. 

DIY_PlaceCards (10 of 12).jpg

Let them sit and dry for about 30 mins. 

DIY_PlaceCards (1 of 8).jpg

Use cardboard or paper to catch excess spray paint.

DIY_PlaceCards (2 of 8).jpg

Spray two coats.

Let spray paint dry for 30 mins.

DIY_PlaceCards (3 of 8).jpg
DIY_PlaceCards (6 of 8).jpg

Display place cards! 

DIY_PlaceCards (1 of 12).jpg
DIY_PlaceCards (3 of 12).jpg

Let me know if you try this simple DIY project. 


My name is Jessica Almanza, I am a lifestyle photographer. I love documenting motherhood, travel, good food, and life's simple joys.