Happy Friday everyone! Today is my last day working full-time at UH, but I will be returning in January. I'll also be taking a long break from blogging, however, I might try and do a few posts here and there. It really depends on how well I balance my time with two little ones. If you want to see our little family, make sure to follow me on Instagram. Check out my and Nicholas' Things To Do This Fall list below, as well as a short video at the end. 



  1. Deliver Gigi!
  2. Purchase fall/Halloween themed decorations.
  3. Enjoy some wine!
  4. Make at least one dessert or drink that involves pumpkins.
  5. Purchase a cozy knit sweater or blanket.
  6. Weather permitting, make an outdoor theater in our backyard. 
  7. Take a road trip.
  8. Host a fall tasting party with close friends.
  9. Visit a pumpkin patch or apple orchard.
  10. Carve, paint or DIY pumpkins.
  11. Purchase fall themed flowers. 
  12. Cozy up with Nicholas, Sebastian and Gigi. 
  13. Find a pair of high-waisted jeans that flatter my body and pair them with boots.
  14. Give our porch a fall update — more pumpkins and some mums!
  15. Volunteer somewhere new in our community.


  1. Finish writing and editing book manuscript in time for January 2018 query deadline. 
  2. Get back to routine gym schedule, especially to strengthen back to carry Sebastian and Gigi. 
  3. Perfect a chili recipe. 
  4. Watch season 2 of Stranger Things with Jessica. 
  5. Learn how to perfectly braid and manage long hair. 
  6. Continue listening to Spanish language instructional CDs and learn more language. 
  7. Take Lady on a leaf crunching walk. 
  8. Don't worry too much about Georgetown basketball. 
  9. Plan and cook a full-course Thanksgiving dinner, including pie. 
  10. Take year-2 Halloween portraits. 
  11. Plan and execute a fall garage sale. 
  12. Update wardrobe, particularly work clothes and dress shoes. 
  13. Teach Sebastian how to play catch. 
  14. Make a fall drink for me and Jessica to enjoy, like ponche or champurrado. 
  15. Strive always to be a better husband, better father and better person.

My name is Jessica Almanza, I am a lifestyle photographer. I love documenting motherhood, travel, good food, and life's simple joys.