It is officially September, I am praying for cooler weather! I am sharing all of my favorites for this month. Check them out below.


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I wish I had used Coconut Oil sooner. I apply a fair amount on my belly after taking a shower, and occasionally use it as a hair mask. You can purchase coconut oil here

My mother-n-law recently sent a Aēsop care package. I instantly fell in love with Aēsop's rejuvenate intensive body balm. My skin feels silky soft and moisturized throughout the day. 

I love ray-ban sunglasses, I've always been a fan. I remember my grandfather owning a classic aviator pair that he still wears. You can purchase this pair here

Nicholas bought me this beautiful dainty chocker by Argento Vivo you can purchase one here

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I've been debating about buying a bluetooth speaker for a while. I finally choose the brand Marshall. I love the rose gold hardware and throwback vintage feel. It's easy to use and the sound quality is good. Find out more about it here

I love this runner rug I received from Dufmod, it fits perfectly at the end of our bed. Please check them out, you wont be disappointed. 

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