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Hey y'all! I am sharing my latest favorites. There is a pink/rose gold theme throughout, which wasn't intentional. HA! I am just obsessed with pink. 

H O M E : IKEA is the best, good design with an affordable price tag. These pink glasses and delicious raspberry cookies are very festive and look great together. I am still nursing Gigi but these cute glasses make me feel fancy. 

J E W E L R Y : Small dainty jewelry goes well with any outfit, for Christmas my parents got me this beautiful tiny corsage bracelet. I never take it off!

T E C H N O L O G Y : I feel like James Bond wearing my new Apple Watch  I seem to be using my phone less which feels great to disconnect. You can also get the watch wet which is nice because I normally get soaked when I bathe the kids.

S K I N C A R E : When I wash my face, I normally end up with a pile of towels by the end of the week. These silicone brush pads are more hygienic as well as better for the environment. Double win!

xxx- Jessica

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