I ran into Target yesterday and, as always, came out with a few items I didn't necessarily need. But I couldn't resist their vintage inspired patches and Mickey Mouse sunglasses! I also found this vintage Mickey Mouse vest at a thrift store a few months back that triggered my inspiration to put together a few Disney outfits. Lately, I've been dreaming about taking Sebastian and Gigi to Disneyland over a Christmas holiday (maybe next year). When it's nice and cool, perhaps the crowds are a bit more manageable...how magical does that sound? My brother and I grew up watching The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast. We owned every Disney VHS tape you could imagine. When my parents took us to Disneyland and Disney World, it was honestly one of the best memories of my childhood. I might be romanticizing my experience there, but I remember having so much fun. The food was delicious, seeing all the Disney characters in "real life" was pretty amazing and the rides were thoroughly entertaining. Sebastian will be three next year, so he may remember his experience, however, Gigi is still too young. How old were you when you first visited the most magical place on earth? 


Mickey Ears purchased by Grandpa and Grandma Alamanza. 

Mickey Ears purchased by Grandpa and Grandma Alamanza. 


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